We love construction trades and labor like landscaping, masonry and wish to act as a leisurely lounge for like-minded trades enthusiasts to get inspiration for branching out into more skills. Often we see carpenters who do nothing but carpentry and plumbers who do nothing but plumbing and sometimes they seek something more thrilling. The advice we suggest for thrill is to branch out into more construction skills, and we look for ways to help you find the time and motivation to do so.

screws and screw drivers

You can look forward to inspirational blog posts from other tradesmen who practice many different skills and use many different tools. We understand why people read trades magazines and wish to provide a similar service but more personal as our small community and we get to learn from each other. As we recruit construction trades bloggers we hope to see insight from different workers in different locations all around the world. I bet the life of a welder in Vietnam is much different from a welder in Italy, but the universal skill is always the same, and I’d love to hear the conversation between such welders if they ever met, as they discuss their favorite welding equipment.

At Bob Allen Recruiting we try to motivate you to recruit yourself and stay active in your fields. As a source for inspiration, this blog will uncommon and rarely-mentioned ways that you can make your life as a tradesman more meaningful, productive and memorable.