Walking Everywhere to Get in Shape

In the past week I’ve been walking everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE! Already I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds, but a lot of that might have to do with the new low-carb diet I’ve been experimenting with. With vitamin D pills and ankle-weights I’ve found just walking several blocks to the grocery store is a great work out, and it’s not like I’m spending the extra time to work out because when I’m walking I’m going off to do stuff I have to do anyways.

I recommend this strategy for older folks. But I don’t think I need to popularize it because already I’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of people walking. Less cars on the road and more bicycles is a beautiful thing to behold. I actually got the idea from observing elderly folks in my community. But my one difference is I walk everywhere! Because I’m walking I can only carry so many groceries at a time and that means I have to walk to the store more often, which is a great side-effect of this strategy for getting in shape. It’s just another opportunity to take advantage of, especially in the summer when the whether is so nice!

I was excited about this enough to share it with all you guys. I hope it motives others do to the same! Let’s get in shape!

Ontario Appliance Repair Company Recruits Themselves

Inspired by our blog at Bob Allen, an appliance repair company in Ontario has reached out to show their gratitude. This is a story about how, during a pandemic, an appliance repair company recruited themselves to take action and innovate, staying on top of the game.

If you don’t know what we mean by “recruit yourself” then check out our page dedicated to explaining what that means in the menu above. Also, this post can give some insight, as will most of the posts on our blog. But, essentially, recruiting yourself means motivating yourself without the support of an external factor. It’s something you do for yourself because you want to.

In Kingston, Ontario, Canada, a local appliance repair company did just that. Despite the pandemic, they’ve been working hard to keep their business afloat, and it’s all because they were inspired by our lesson. Email correspondence between me and and this amazing company has revealed some of things this appliance repair company has done to stay afloat, and we’ll share them now with the hope of inspiring other small businesses around the world.

5 Things this Appliance Repair Company Did to Recruit Themselves

  1. Refused to lay off workers
  2. Upgraded their vehicles
  3. Made a new logo for their company
  4. Upgraded their company website
  5. Reduced their prices to promote local business

These five things together has been enough to keep the business afloat during the pandemic, and they continue to work hard everyday. An inspiring story indeed, especially as other appliance repair companies in their area had to lay off most of their workers and are essentially temporarily closed.

So if you run a similar business and fear closing then try the 5 things that this appliance repair Kingston Ontario company did to stay afloat. I’m very proud of these Canadians for spreading motivation. We may have inspired them, but now they’re inspiring us with their effort, and we’re so grateful they reached out to us. In fact, we’re honored.

Now, if you didn’t know what “recruiting yourself” meant before then it should be obvious now. Out there, not everyone is using this pandemic as an excuse to be lazy. There’s much oppurtunity out there. You just got to reach for it, like our friends in Ontario have done. Never give up, keep working hard and innovate to stay afloat.

If these guys can do it, then you can too! And you don’t need any good luck. All you need to do is recruit yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Let’s do this!

April is Here with Opportunity!

It’s April 1st, 2020 and I can smell the opportunity in the air! There’s a lot of problems and bad stuff going on in the world but the media does enough talking of that already. So I want to talk about all the opportunity out there. Already, this is what I see in the world after a moment of being grateful:

  1. Opportunity for young scientists to invent cool stuff and create solutions for the world’s problems.
  2. Opportunity for young couples to raise healthy families who celebrates Christmas.
  3. Opportunity to convert a tow truck into a monster truck.
  4. Opportunity for writers to add to the corpus of elegant world literature.
  5. Opportunity for artists to get interesting perspectives across.
  6. Opportunity for me to grab a beer and watch a movie! In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing now, so thanks for reading.

Just remember there’s a lot of opportunity out there, a lot to be grateful for. And this is despite all the bad stuff going on. So stay positive and recruit yourself!

Here’s some classical music for April: