Construction Labor is a Gateway Drug!

A laborer

As a young man looking for work in the summer between high school years I always found myself finding odd labor jobs and every summer it was something different. Odd labor around various construction sites is what got me into learning about all kinds of construction trades in the first place. And I’m not the only one. This message applies as much to people like me as does to teenagers today who have yet to find their first job.

If you’re looking for a gateway into construction trade then consider entering the field as a laborer and not only will you learn from watching professionals but you’ll find that experience adds up fast and after wile of working as a laborer you’ll find yourself being promoted as your skills develop. Labor is a gateway to better employment.


For an example of how entering the labor force can lead to better employment consider the story of my friend Richard who as a young man got hired as a laborer by a flooring company. Two years of helping these guys haul wood and do as he was told allowed him to learn flooring first hand and after moving to a different city he was able to get hired not as a laborer but a full-time flooring installer.

This blog intends to tell many more of such stories and this post isn’t intended to explain everything. The labor force is a complex topic, and some would even call it an issue. That’s why we’re so happy to help young people enter the labor force. If you want to learn some interesting data about the labor force here’s a great video:

But before you go I want to remind you of 4 motivating benefits of a labor job:

  1. Exercise: There are very few labor jobs that don’t require physical activity. And the muscle you get from working is a lot more natural and long-lasting than the type that body builders get. Just remember to lift things properly, using your knees and not your back. Take care of your limbs and eat a good diet, and you’ll find yourself getting healthier every day as you get paid to exercise.
  2. Money: Construction trades are known to be some of the top-paying jobs around the world, with underwater welders making more than lawyers and plumbers opening franchises across countries. Being a mechanic doesn’t mean you can’t be a business man, too. Construction trades will always be needed in cities, so they’re a great skill too have, and opening your own service company one day is always an option.
  3. Alertness: Working on construction sites can be dangerous as heavy machinery and deadly drops are at every step, and it can be easy to trip or fall off a ladder if you’re not paying attention. Working in such an intense environment requires alertness and like an muscle alertness grows with practice.
  4. Experience: You’ll never know what’s it like to shovel all day in the rain until you do it. Get a good meal and a refreshment afterwards, and look forwards to stronger back muscles and,  of course, the brilliant fact of knowing that next time you go to shovel it’ll be a little easier because you just got a wack-load of experience, son. As you work from labor job to labor job, your resume will grow and you’ll find that every time you get employed you always have more to bring to the table.

I hope this post was motivating for you. Look forward to more posts and feel free to learn more about us.