Converting a Tow Truck into a Monster Truck

Never before in my life have I wished I had photos more than now. I was visiting a dear friend from childhood in Saskatoon, SK, CA this weekend when we went to a BBQ on a private property out in the boonies and, lo and behold, a redneck in overalls was converting a tow truck into a monster truck! Now I know you probably don’t believe me, especially because I don’t have photos, but… just keep reading because this is crazy!

Why Would You Want a Monster Tow Truck?

On a normal day that would be a very good question in need of a detailed explanation. But on that day in Saskatoon it was very, very far from a normal day. I asked the redneck in Saskatoon this same question and he said, “So I can make a party out of tearing my house down!” That’s right. He wants his monster truck to have extreme torque and ultimate power with a high quality towing hitch on the back so he can wrap a chain around his house and pull it down. He said his demolition party won’t be till next year when his new house is finished being built so I might go and take pictures this time!

Now I’m just imagining all the other things you could do with a monster tow truck…

  1. You could tear down walls.
  2. You could make an event of doing jumps while towing another car behind you.
  3. You could win a car show.
  4. You could be the strangest dude in your neighborhood.
  5. You could tow trees, airplanes, and anything overly heavy that normal tow trucks can’t haul.

I was also wondering what local tow truck Saskatoon companies are going to think when they see this contraption rolling down the street. If I saw this out of context I might just go crazy. In a world where most things are predictable and we drive around on the road not being too surprised, a monster tow truck would certainly make any day special, no matter how boring the rest of it had been. I wonder if anyone else in the world has done this before.

Seriously, the whole body of the monster truck comes from an old 2001 tow truck and it sits high off the ground with giant wheels just like you’d expect. After thinking about it long enough, I came to the conclusion that maybe something like this could only happen in Saskatoon. It seems like the perfect place for it, especially because the roisterer who’s building it is a millionaire in his 50s with all the spare time in the world and he’s the perfect man for the job. He’s worked as an auto body mechanic for most of his life and got rich via his grandparent’s will after they passed. Perhaps there’s better things to spend money on, let alone time, but if he makes a YouTube video out of it then it’s something that could entertain a lot of people and provide a weird service to the world in a way.

Now imagine you need roadside assistance in Saskatoon so you call up a local towing company. You wait for the operator to arrive and suddenly your eyes are bulging out of your head as you gaze upon a monster of a creation. Frankenstein on wheels comes roaring towards you and the operator tips his hat from his high cab. I think I might need to see a therapist after witnessing such a thing!

Well, that was my adventurous, strange post for the day. If you want to read more you can read my last post or are go watch a monster truck show in your local town. After writing all this I’m definitely going to watch some monster truck videos on the internet with some drinks tonight. Thanks for visiting!