How to Quit Smoking when You Work with Smokers

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As someone who’s worked on countless construction sites I can vouch that construction workers, over all, like to smoke more than your typical person. I’m not saying that all construction workers smoke but it’s quite evident that you’re much more likely to find a smoker working in trades than you are to find one working in other fields of work like doctoring, nursing, police work, et cetera.

I managed to quit smoking many years ago while I was working full time with smokers. Now my friend is wondering how I did it and I thought maybe there’s others on the internet who could use some advice as well. So now let us begin!

How do you quit smoking when you work with a crew of smokers, and you always see them smoking everyday?

The answer is different for everyone, as some people have developed their willpower more than others, but there are still three universal tips that I believe could help anyone!

Tip 1: Be honest with your co-workers and let them know you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. If they’re unaware of your struggle, they may try to offer you a smoke or smoke in front of you more often. Now this tip may not work in every situation because some co-workers can be pretty immature and they won’t take you seriously. They may say something like “No one likes a quitter” or something worse like “You’ll never succeed!”

If you find that your co-workers aren’t willing to make things any easier for you then maybe talk to your boss and suggest working different shifts, suggest working with a different crew or maybe even take some vacation time away from work to get by those first few weeks of cravings out of the way. Once you come back to work after taking a break you’ll hopefully find that you have no desire to smoke because you already sacrificed so much to get this far.

Tip 2: Bring extra light snacks in your lunch bag to munch on whenever you get a craving, and, if you’re a coffee drinker, consider changing your beverage of choice to lessen further cravings. When I was struggling with cravings at work, watching and smelling people smoke right beside me, I would pull out a small bag of peanuts and munch on them until my craving went away, and I took a break from coffee because, you know, smokes and coffee go together like bread and butter. I found myself drinking organic teas and I ended up feeling a lot better about myself overall. Today I still don’t drink coffee that much for the same reason. I find that I already have all the energy I need because I’m no longer smoking.

For other ideas of snacks you can bring to work to settle your smoking cravings, consider pepperoni sticks, five-cent candies, dried fruit, chips, crackers, bananas, granola bars, anything to keep your lips and fingers busy until the craving goes away!

Tip 3: Start a journal or a daily planner and write down all the reasons why you want to quit smoking. While doing this you may surprise yourself because, no matter what, there are always way more reasons someone should quit than reasons why they should continue smoking. I managed to come up with nearly one hundred reasons, one of them being I get my taste buds back. Ah yes, I get to enjoy the full flavor of pizza now! Another one of my reasons was to smell better in public; I no longer get weird glances from strangers who smell something they don’t like. And perhaps the most convincing reason for me was health! Ever since I quit smoking I’ve been getting sick less often, my teeth have gotten whiter and even my skin and hair look younger!

The reason why you want to write this down in a journal or daily planner is because you want to be reminded of these reasons as much as possible. I use my daily planner everyday and so before work I was always reminded of all the reasons why I’m putting myself through these struggles. Now I only get a craving once every few months and this list of reasons is still useful today.

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I hope these tips help you!

And who knows? You may find that you become the hero at work and find ways to motivate your co-workers into also quitting cigarettes. Wouldn’t that be awesome! For more tips on staying motivated, we have a whole page dedicated to it. Thanks for visiting and see you next time with more tips and tricks for trades workers!