Who Said Winter Is For Sitting Around Doing Nothing?

Hello and welcome. This is a rant that may annoy some people. Just warning you. Indeed, I myself get annoyed whenever I hear someone else ranting about how winter is all about staying at home and getting fat. Especially in my kind of arena where we use tools, drive trucks and know how to build stuff with our hands, it seems people secretly love winter because it’s an excuse to be lazy.

Another reason is because many trades and manly businesses are seasonal. For example, landscaping usually slows down in the winter and this is understandable, but this still isn’t an excuse for all landscapers to get fat and lazy until the sun comes out.

If there’s a project you’re waiting to start because it’s still winter… THEN GET UP AND DO IT! Don’t let winter be an excuse not to work, even if your business is seasonal. Grow some hair on your chest and do it in the cold! What’s stopping you? Snow? Ha! Snow didn’t stop the Vikings! You can do it…

So remember this rant next time you hear one of your beer buddies say that they can’t get around to some task because winter’s coming. Prove that you’re more of a man than them and say, “Ha, coward. You gonna let the cold hold you back? I bet you’re never gonna get around to it if you use winter as an excuse.”

This rant, of course, is not meant for people who are sick over the winter. If you’re sick, you should stay warm and get better. I rant about that topic, too, and you can read that if you click here.

So until next time, stay busy and stay manly!