What Helps Me Work All Day (8 Things)

For people out there struggling to find motivation to work hard all day, I thought I’d try giving advice in a way most people don’t do. There are many lectures online and tips on what to do to have more discipline all over your local library. They will describe what you should do. But instead of me telling you what to do, all I want to do is list the things that I do in order to work hard all day. For some people, this list will do nothing. For other people, though, they might have something inside their mind tick because something I do relates to their life. That’s my hope, so let us begin.

8 Things I Do to Work Hard All Day

  1. I make my bed in the morning.
  2. I shave because I feel better with a clean face.
  3. If it’s an office day and I’m not working with tools, I still need physical exercise right around noon. At home, that means a quick job around the neighborhood.
  4. A cold shower while dinner is cooking.
  5. Listening to podcasts about construction and trades.
  6. Leaving my emails to the end of the day allows me to know my priorities for the next day when I’m responding to people.
  7. Working by the window while the sun is going down is always romantic, even better when I’m outside.
  8. last but not least I like to visually imagine what I’m going to do tomorrow when I’m laying in bed about to go to sleep.

Did anything in that list spark something inside. Maybe none of these relates. These are just the things I do on the side of my day that help me continue my work, and whatever is going to help you I know you’ll find it if you keep searching. Best of luck out there!