April is Here with Opportunity!

It’s April 1st, 2020 and I can smell the opportunity in the air! There’s a lot of problems and bad stuff going on in the world but the media does enough talking of that already. So I want to talk about all the opportunity out there. Already, this is what I see in the world after a moment of being grateful:

  1. Opportunity for young scientists to invent cool stuff and create solutions for the world’s problems.
  2. Opportunity for young couples to raise healthy families who celebrates Christmas.
  3. Opportunity to convert a tow truck into a monster truck.
  4. Opportunity for writers to add to the corpus of elegant world literature.
  5. Opportunity for artists to get interesting perspectives across.
  6. Opportunity for me to grab a beer and watch a movie! In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing now, so thanks for reading.

Just remember there’s a lot of opportunity out there, a lot to be grateful for. And this is despite all the bad stuff going on. So stay positive and recruit yourself!

Here’s some classical music for April: