Tools You Never Use – Turn Them Into Art!

An old iron vice outside that looks nice like art

If you’re anything like me, an aspiring jack-of-all-trades, then you probably have a bunch of old tools lying around that you never use or hope to use one day. Owning any kind of tool is useful and so I don’t blame you for keeping them, nor do I blame myself. In fact, I’ve discovered a very neat and fun way to make your tools useful, even that one you know you’ll never, ever use!

How do I make all my useless tools useful? By presenting them as pieces of art in your living room, kitchen bathroom, bedrooms and hallways!

Tools for me are like cars or dolls for others: I just looove looking at them! Instead of flowers in my vases I have hammers and screw drivers. Above the lintel of my hallway door rests a rusty shovel, shining brilliantly like a medieval coat of arms. On the window sill above the kitchen sink are old single nuts and bolts displayed in an artistic fashion, many of them from the early 20th century and looking like artifacts from a steampunk universe.

How can you tell me these old tools don’t look beautiful? I’d rather have these wrenches displayed on my coffee table than a bowl of candy any day!

Some tools are bigger than others and so you can think of creative ways to present them as art. For example even an old toilet you uninstalled years ago but left around can be painted purple and re-installed on the roof of your shed. Imagine what people would think as they drove by and saw that! I know what I would think: “Whoever did that is one awesome person!”

I often see stuff like that when I’m driving about, and I can’t complain. Some people like to leave old 19th-century farm equipment in their front lawn to give a country aesthetic. Others like to keep rusty old motorcycles on their backyard patio, almost as if it were a rocking horse for the kids to play on.

So why keep your tools hidden away in a tool box? Celebrate your love for being a tool collector and put them somewhere artful, somewhere you can see them everyday. Screw a bead curtain! I’m saving all my old broken tape-measures to make a hanging curtain out of them! Hmm. Or maybe that’s not the best idea . . . .

But hopefully you get the point! Thanks for reading and click here to go back to our homepage. You can look forward to more interesting posts in the future!