Walking Everywhere to Get in Shape


In the past week I’ve been walking everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE! Already I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds, but a lot of that might have to do with the new low-carb diet I’ve been experimenting with. With vitamin D pills and ankle-weights I’ve found just walking several blocks to the grocery store is a great work out, and it’s not like I’m spending the extra time to work out because when I’m walking I’m going off to do stuff I have to do anyways.

I recommend this strategy for older folks. But I don’t think I need to popularize it because already I’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of people walking. Less cars on the road and more bicycles is a beautiful thing to behold. I actually got the idea from observing elderly folks in my community. But my one difference is I walk everywhere! Because I’m walking I can only carry so many groceries at a time and that means I have to walk to the store more often, which is a great side-effect of this strategy for getting in shape. It’s just another opportunity to take advantage of, especially in the summer when the whether is so nice!

I was excited about this enough to share it with all you guys. I hope it motives others do to the same! Let’s get in shape!